Monday, 17 September 2018

Angels, Hope and Change

Time for Everyday Kindness

A kind word, a helping hand, an encouraging smile or a nod of appreciation can all be acts of everyday kindness according to Karen Bedford who has written the most helpful little booklet to accompany the ‘Angels’ Cards – The Strengths of Everyday Kindness published by St Luke’s Innovative Resources.

Angels – the strengths of everyday kindness is a tool for building conversations about the strengths we see within ourselves and within others. It uses the metaphor of an angel – a bestower of blessings – as a way of noticing and acknowledging the strengths that are demonstrated by others and offered to us, or that we ourselves demonstrate and offer,” writes Karen Bedford.

The cards come with suggested teaching and learning ideas. In my experience they work wonderfully well in Circle Time and I have seen the brilliant Sue Roffey use the St Luke’s resources in her Circle Solutions seminars.

One great activity you might like to try that is explained in the booklet is called 'Inviting Angels – Goal Setting'.

Students choose a card that represents a strength or quality they would really like to develop. They then discuss why they have chosen this card or you could allow the students to work in pairs and talk to their partner about the card. Ask them to think about one step they could take towards developing this quality. Who do they know who might help them develop this quality?

These are such powerful resources and so useful in the classroom or for working with individual students. The illustrations are so delightful and rather whimsical, inviting the students to look deeply and connect with the strength.

You could use these absolutely adorable cards in connection with any lessons on angels as well. Angels are messengers of God and I love the idea that these strengths of kindness can be attached to the idea of angels delivering in to our hearts messages of grace, generosity, hope and so much more.

Have a look at the fabulous St Luke's website and explore the resources. There is sure to be something to appeal to you!

Thursday, 6 September 2018

How is Your Walk?

Sometimes Christians talk about their faith as their ‘walk’ with Christ.
As a Chaplain or religious Educators, we may be asked about about our faith and how we face struggles and doubt. 

Perhaps you could use the movie clip, The Walk, with your older students, to introduce the ideas of courage, trust and faith.

With your younger students, perhaps try this fabulous story of Blondin.

You could so easily develop many lessons based on these clips. Perhaps you could discuss choices, beliefs and how our actions honour God. So many ideas!

I showed this clip in Chapel many years ago – and a young man wrote to me and told me he had just been to Niagara Falls and remembered the message from Chapel. We never really know how and when our messages in Chapel or class will affect our students. I suppose that is part of our own ‘faith walk’. Enjoy!