Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Ash Wednesday Declaration

 What does Lent have to do with the environment?

The Season of Lent offers opportunities to reflect on our values and lifestyle in a wholistic way. One aspect is how we appreciate all that God has made and recognise the interdependence of all created things. We now know global warming is caused by human action, our modern want, and our addiction to consumption. As individuals and faith communities we need to stop, reflect, and be prepared to change our ways, not just in the way of “giving something up for Lent” but with the serious intent of making a lasting change.

Operation Noah's Ash Wednesday Declaration has some powerful things to say to us this Lent.

The Ash Wednesday Declaration 
Climate change and the purposes of God: a call to the Church

"The likelihood of runaway global warming, which will diminish food security, accelerate the extinction of huge numbers of species and make human life itself impossible in some parts of the world, raises questions that go to the heart of our Christian faith."

"What should our relationship be with God as both the origin and the end of all things? How do we balance our energy and material consumption with the needs of the poorest communities, and of future generations and other species? How do we sustain hope in the midst of fear and denial?"

"How can we encourage global cooperation, challenge unsustainable economic systems and change our lifestyles? These fundamental questions prompt this urgent call to the Church."

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Post provided  by Angligreen in the Anglican Church of Southern Queensland 

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Australian Reconciliation Barometer

The Australian Reconciliation Barometer "is a biennial, national research study that measures the progress of reconciliation between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous Australians."

Five dimensions are used to measure progress towards reconciliation:
  • Historical acceptance
  • Race relations
  • Institutional integrity
  • Equality and equity
  • Unity
The full report can be found here at the Reconciliation Australia website. The overview document provides a great summary and is beautifully presented. Comparisons are made with the 2014 Barometer.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Lent Videos: A Mixed Bag

Unless you are looking at the Christian digital media companies on-line it can be hard to find good videos for Ash Wednesday and Lent. If you have any you think are great please let me know so I can post them here. Every year I post this brilliant little video which in my mind is pretty perfect.

But what else is there that is this good? Not much it seems. Some I am going to share here may be a bit quirky or unusual. Some are not for worship but are just for inspiration. So here we go.

This video may grate a bit in the Australian context but it is something most high school students could recreate pretty easily, if you have the time.

I like the imagery in this next video and the way it draws together some of the symbols of Ash Wednesday and Lent.

This is one of my favourite videos. It is the Beatitudes sung in orthodox chant. I think it evokes the beauty and mystery and the reflective nature of the season of Lent.

Somehow I found this video while looking for Lent videos. The joy this nun expresses in what is clearly an very alternate life of sacrifice shines through. I think there is a great message here for the season of Lent and for young people. Life and joy isn't found in the glitz and glamour.

This last video, you won't be able to use for worship but I was inspired by Matthew Kelly's passion and desire to have a special Lent and his desire for it to be a time to rediscover Jesus.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Lent Videos

Lent will be upon us soon, so it is time for some Lent videos. Here are two. This first one is quirky and kind of funny.

This is a cute little video. Unfortunately it turns into an ad...but could still be useful.