Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Angligreen's Top Ten

In Southern Queensland our Archbishop has challenged us this year to 'safeguard the integrity of the environment'. To help do this the Rev'd Miriam Nyrene and Angligreen have developed some amazing resources you can find right here. They are jam packed with lots of brilliant ideas.

On top of that they have also produced a list of the top ten ideas for schools to do in 2017. And here they are:

With Gospel values in mind, and our present ecological context of a changing environment and climate, Angligreen makes the following suggestions to school communities as they strive to safeguard the integrity of creation, contribute towards sustainability, renew life on earth and promote a spirit of hope for the future. 

1. Write a school prayer for the environment

2. Participate in environmental action in the local community e.g. bushland restoration, catchment care, Clean Up Australia Day or Earth Hour

3. Celebrate World Environment Day (5 June), St Francis Day (4 October) or A Season of Creation (September) with a school liturgy

4. Complete a school environmental audit and implement strategies to reduce the school’s environmental footprint 

5. Encourage the reading of scripture through ecological eyes, considering the voice of the earth and how human relationships with the rest of nature are described 

6. Green the school grounds and include habitat for wildlife and an outdoor space for prayer, meditation or worship 

7. Be a voice for the environment at home, in the classroom, across the whole school, through the school newsletter, Facebook page and website, in the local community and in the wider Anglican community 

8. Write an environmental policy for the school or promote an existing policy 

9. Participate in or support a global ecojustice project 

10. Learn about, support and promote the work of Angligreen and other faith based environmental organisations. 

Keep respect for the rest of nature, appreciation of the intricate web of life and awareness of the local and global environment at the heart of all you do as a school community.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Prayers Spaces in Schools Australian Tour

If you haven't heard of Prayer Spaces in Schools, now is the time to find out! One great place to start is the Prayer Spaces in School website or you could check out the video in the bottom of this post. The most important thing to know is that Phil Togwell from Prayer Spaces in Schools (UK) is coming to Australia next year...and he may be visiting a city near you to run a workshop. Find out more about the tour here.

Brisbane - Wed 9th August - St John's Anglican College

Canberra - Mon 14th August - Radford College

Sydney - Tuesday 15th August - Venue TBC

Adelaide - 
Thursday 17th August - St Peter's College

Melbourne - Friday 18th August - Caulfield Grammar School

(Cost $80 - includes morning tea and lunch)


If you want to find out how amazing Prayer Spaces are and learn how you might use them in your school come and join in. The tour is being organised by the Anglican Schools Commission in Southern Queensland but all are welcome.