Thursday, 16 July 2015

Sometimes quiet is violent

Recently my teenage daughter introduced me to the music of Twenty One Pilots. This included attending a concert (I felt old...but it was 'all age' so there were other old feeling people there too). I confess to now liking their music. I think my daughter is ambivalent about this development. To cut a long story short the music of Twenty One Pilots may be suitable for chapel or other spaces where you want to get students thinking.

Their music will not be to everyone's taste, but then who's is these days. Both the guys are Christian but their music doesn't fall into the genre of Christian music...whatever that is exactly. They say they write music to make people think and their lyrics are certainly thought provoking.

HeavyDirtySoul is one of my favourites...the line 'Death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit' is a sermon in itself. The chorus is: Can you save my HeavyDirtySoul?

Here are two songs that fascinate me and could be useful.

The first is called Car Radio. The song is about how the radio has been stolen out of the singers car and now he has to deal with the silence and noise of his mind. This is where the line 'sometimes quiet is violent' comes from.

The second song is Stressed Out and is about life pressure and desire to be a child again.. Lead singer Tyler has an alter ego called Blurry Face. This is the overly self conscious part of him which causes him to feel choked, hence the black paint on the hands and neck.

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