Thursday, 30 April 2015

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Looking for Lost Sheep?

Andrew McDonough is an Australian who writes and illustrates great little stories for children that are a retelling of stories found in the Bible. They use cute and quirky characters like Cecil the Sheep and Basil the Branch to communicate the message clearly and in a fun way.

On his website you can read 24 of the books he has written but there is also a membership section with activities and worksheets that go with the books.

If you are working in a Primary School I would encourage you to check out his site:

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Help children reflect on faith and spirituality

This is my favourite website in the area of ministry with children. I have posted this before but it is worth checking out again.

Children's story books are a great way to help children (and adults) explore spiritual themes and ideas emerging from the Bible. There is something very subversive about a really great story book. It is hard to stop listening or to take your eyes off the art. Jesus knew the power of stories and frequently used them to engage his audience.

An excellent resource in this area is a site called Storypath, that can be found at

Storypath is a very useful resource. There are reviews of children's story books which include a summary, key literary elements explored, a link to scripture and theological ideas and a list of faith talk questions. The book is also categorised according to age, themes and biblical links. This means you have the ability to find books reviewed or suggested for particular books of the Bible. The site also provides story books that link with weekly lectionary readings.

A useful resource for worship or religious education.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A living treasure

I had the great pleasure to hear artist and cartoonist Michael Leunig speak the other night on Spirituality, Art and Innocence at the Dialogue Australasia Network Conference. He has amazing insight into people, life and faith.

If you want some inspiration go and look at his website. There are many cartoon and artworks there. Many of the cartoons delve into themes of spirituality and would be great starting points for some deep conversation in your school.