Thursday, 26 March 2015

Even more Easter videos...well at least one

This is the final drop of Easter videos. Enjoy.

The Skit Guys who I mentioned in a previous post have this little video that would be very suitable for exploring the events of Holy Week with very small children.

That's it. Do you have any you'd like to share? Let us know.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

More Easter Videos

This is a great short video put out by Oneness Videos. The full HD version can be bought from their site

The Skit guys have made this cute little video. It may not be suitable for worship but it could be useful in the lead up to Easter in the classroom. It can be bought from the Skit Guys website:

This one is from Hyper Pixels Media. It has a different but interesting style.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Easter 2015 on Video

It is that time of year again when I drop all the Easter videos for those people madly putting together their Easter worship for the last week of school. Here are some from last year. If you have any great videos send a link in the comments section.

This video is wonderful and has a beautiful comic touch. To me it reveals the real humanity of Jesus followers. I particularly like the quote: Well, everyone's faster than Peter. This one is made by Invision Media and sold by Worship House Media

Hyper Pixels Media also have some interesting Easter videos.

I like the dramatic intensity of this one. The graphics are in a very particular style that I am not overly fond of but I love how the music is like an action film preview.

...and I had to throw in the Jesus social media video. This one always affects me.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

What's the word on mission in Anglican schools?

I am very excited about the creation of this new blog called "a place for mission". It's focus is on exploring mission and ministry in Anglican schools in Australia and beyond. There will be posts each week from contributors from around the country (and hopefully from other places as well). There are three articles up already.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Traffik Free Easter

This post comes courtesy of Jen Basham, Research Specialist - Mission and Social Justice with Anglicare Southern Queensland.

Much of the chocolate in Easter Eggs (in Australia as well as overseas), is made with cocoa from plantations on the Ivory Coast, West Africa, that use trafficked children as young as 10 years old as labour.

Today we're inviting you to join in 4 simple actions you can take to help make this Easter a #traffikfreeEaster. 

1. Sign the petition. Let your voice be heard loud and clear with this petition to Coles and Woolworths asking them to double their Easter range for next year: Add your name here

2. Ask us for some STOP THE TRAFFIK Easter cards (if you are near Brisbane) to take into your local supermarket (

3. Look out for Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance or UTZ Certification logos on your chocolate this Easter. Or check out the Good Egg Guide to help in your shopping.

4. Pray with us this Easter that human trafficking will STOP.

The Anglican Church of Southern Queensland is a member of Stop the Traffik’s Australian coalition.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Innovation in School Ministry

The latest edition of Experiri is out!

Experiri is a quarterly newsletter presenting stories of innovation in school ministry from Australia and beyond. Each edition provides single page profiles of innovative strategies that have been developed in response to challenges or emerging issues for chaplains or others in the school, including Heads and Religious Educators.

 It can be found, along with previous editions, on the Anglican Schools Commission Queensland website at