Thursday, 26 June 2014

Ministry with young people: Tons of free resources!

Looking for a website with “tons of free resources", try The source for youth ministry

This website is jam packed full of all sorts of helpful resources for youth ministry including: games, team builders, activity ideas, movie reviews, youth culture windows and much much more.

One of the things I love about this website is the selection that goes into much of the material. Many websites are full of stuff you can’t use. This site has a lot of good material

Although this site emerges from an American context it still contains a lot of useful resources but like anything there is stuff here you will probably hate and disagree with. 

One part of the website of particular value is the youth culture window that explores issues  dealing with young people, youth culture and faith.

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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A video for every book of the Bible

Students these days are so visually oriented, mere words don't cut the mustard.

Bibledex features short and quirky videos on every book of the Bible presented by theology experts (so they claim).  There are varying styles and lengths but a treasure trove of possibilities, growing all the time, is on offer.

There are even videos for themes and particular bible verses.

It's well worth a browse.  It's highly likely you'll find yourself  bookmarking the site for further use.

You can find it here

This is a best of "a few smallish fish" originally posted by Jonathan Sargeant

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Laughter: Important Chaplaincy Tool

How important is laughter? Does it fit with the good news of the Gospel? Did Jesus like to laugh? When people think about church, do they feel it would be a joyful place where laughter would be welcome? How come children laugh so much more than adults?

All these questions could form the basis of dozens of blog posts...but I will give them one. Actually I probably won't answer any of them except the first...and even then...

I was once told, after having won a preaching prize, that it would have been better if I had cut out the was frivolous. Better? For who? Certainly not the people listening. I like to give a serious and challenging message and to do so I need to use humour. With adults you could get away with using no humour...but with children and young people? It is like having a toolbox without a hammer or screwdriver.

In my opinion If you are working with children and young people (and adults) using wholesome humour and providing opportunities for laughs should be a priority for a whole lot of reasons.
  • laughing makes people feel good 
  • it helps keep people focused on your message
  • it helps people connect with what you are saying
  • it breaks down barriers people have to hearing
  • it helps people remember what you said
  • it provides light and shade
  • people like to laugh

I am sure there are peer reviewed papers or weighty tomes somewhere extolling the virtue of a good laugh. But who needs them? See the first and last on the list above. People like to laugh and there are plenty of great ways to do it. Sure it can be risky and frightening and you can fall flat on your face...but it is worth the risk. If you can't be humorous yourself use other people's humour. 

So. Here is a video. I saw this today at a school assembly. Thank you to the student who showed it. The thing I really love about this is that it is giving a simple message in a fun, creative and funny way. People are more likely to hear a message if they also get to laugh while hearing it. 

So watch and can make your school community laugh while sharing the good news with them. Share below some of the ways you have done this.

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