Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Climate Change and Christian Mission

One of the Anglican Marks of Mission is to "strive to safegaurd the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth". With this in mind, ABM has produced an educational supplement focussed on climate change. It has links to some useful resources including story and video and ties it all into the work ABM is doing with the Millennium Development Goals.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Are Australians still reading the Bible?

McCrindle Research has just released a report titled "Bible Reading Not Dead in Australia". It uses Australian data from along with ABS, NCLS and McCrindle survey data to paint a picture of Australian engagement with the Bible.

Some interesting facts they throw out as a summary include:

1. Less than  half of all Australians own a Bible.

2. The "Sermon of the Mount" is Australia's most accessed Bible passage.

3. Online reading exceeds hard-copy reading. If each of the Bibles Australian adults personally own were read even 6 times per year, there would still be more Bible reading conducted online.

Sadly they note that:

"Australians are less engaged with their Bible reading than residents of the US and residents  of the UK. The Top 10 online Bible-reading cities in the US have an average of 14.2 page views per resident and the Top 10 in the UK an average of 11.5 page views per resident, compared to Australia’s Top 10 cities that average just 2.1 page views per resident."

Is Australia the most secular nation on earth? The report may be titled "Bible Reading Not Dead in Australia" but it doesn't seem to that alive either when compared with other places.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Easter on Video

I love seeing the creative ways people present the Easter story through video. It is getting to that time of year, so here are some of my new favourites.

An Easter Story

This video is wonderful and has a beautiful comic touch. To me it reveals the real humanity of Jesus followers. I particularly like the quote: Well, everyone's faster than Peter. This one is made by Invision Media and sold by Worship House Media

Hyper Pixels Media also have some interesting Easter videos.

Easter Video - Resurrection

I like the dramatic intensity of this one. The graphics are in a very particular style that I am not overly fond of but I love how the music is like an action film preview.


...and I had to throw in the Jesus social media video. This one always affects me.