Thursday, 27 February 2014

Praying in Colour

Prayer is so much more than words spoken or written, when it flows from the heart of a person. Educators know that there are many ways that people learn, experience the world and express themselves. This is also true of prayer. 

Personally I just can't keep my mind still enough to pray inside my head for any length of time. I need to write something down. Other people might find it helpful to sing or walk while they pray. Much depends on who we are and how we like to express ourselves. 

One of my mini passions has been to help young people see that there are many different ways to pray. For this reason I really love this web page that I discovered only yesterday (you discover cool things when you hang out with junior school religious educators). 

Praying in Color provides a clever way to help people pray while being colourful and creative. 

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