Thursday, 27 February 2014

Praying in Colour

Prayer is so much more than words spoken or written, when it flows from the heart of a person. Educators know that there are many ways that people learn, experience the world and express themselves. This is also true of prayer. 

Personally I just can't keep my mind still enough to pray inside my head for any length of time. I need to write something down. Other people might find it helpful to sing or walk while they pray. Much depends on who we are and how we like to express ourselves. 

One of my mini passions has been to help young people see that there are many different ways to pray. For this reason I really love this web page that I discovered only yesterday (you discover cool things when you hang out with junior school religious educators). 

Praying in Color provides a clever way to help people pray while being colourful and creative. 

Monday, 17 February 2014

Animation Chefs

Chaplains are increasingly trying to use technology to communicate with students during worship and religious education. One way of doing this is to create your own movies and animation. This once would have required specialist equipment but today it is all at out fingertips and in our pockets. But where can you learn how to use these resources? One place to start is Animation Chefs. They have pod-casts and lessons on how to do all kinds of amazing things. While there target audience is mostly kids it would also be helpful for the chaplain hoping to pick up a tip or two.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A Big Year

How challenging is it to follow Jesus? Sometimes I wonder if we make it seem all too easy and fail to provide young people with concrete practical things they can do that are both fun and challenging. Shouldn't being a Christian make your life different? If not what difference does it make?

This is why I love "A Big Year". In their own words: A Big Year started in 2013 when a group of people chose to dedicate a whole year to intentionally follow Jesus, through taking on a set of challenges each month that focused on the big themes of Jesus’ life and teaching.

Each month there are challenges to meet in each of three areas - that of monk, cheerleader or activist. Each of these different areas flow from the life of Jesus and the roles he was encouraging his disciples to take on.

There is "a big year" as well as "a big year for families" and a "a big year for youth". It can be accessed via the web page but there is also an app. There is also the ability to form a group on the web page to share your activities and challenges.

I really love how the first month is called a margins month and is all about creating the space to live differently. Many of the challenges are targeted at the things stopping us from connecting with God and following Jesus in our actions.

This is a great idea with some well thought out strategies.