Thursday, 29 August 2013

Youth Spirituality on Radio National

"The Spirit of Things" on Radio National recently aired a program on Youth Spirituality. It was created in response to a recent conference in Melbourne. It opens with an interesting interview with Philip Hughes. It is well worth listening to.

Teen Drinking in Australia

The result of recent research into teenage smoking and drinking in Australia reveals that smoking rates have dropped in some age categories, but that binge drinking continues to be an issue of concern.

It was interesting to see research released at the Anglican Schools Australia conference last year by Philip Hughes of the Christian Research Association that showed that drugs/alcohol and partying  were very low on the list of ways that young people deal with the challenges of life. Music, sport, nature, TV/DVD's shopping, social networking and creative activities all came ahead of partying. The fact that work, prayer and church came ahead of drugs/alcohol suggests to me that teengage binge drinking isn't about coping, it is about connecting and having fun. This is despite the fact that half have admitted to vomiting after drinking.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Word Up

From a group of Brisbane Anglicans comes a new series of engaging and thought provoking videos exploring the life and meaning of Jesus Christ … from a youth perspective.

The Word Up series explores Jesus’ life and teachings and what he means for us today, two thousand years after he lived among us. Who exactly was he? And, why is what he said and did so important? This six episode series looks at these questions, and gets us thinking.  Teacher and Student study guides are available as free downloads from the site.

In our six webisodes, we’ll be asking:
  1. Was Jesus real?
  2. What did Jesus teach us?
  3. Was Jesus really a friend of sinners?
  4. Why did Jesus die?
  5. Did Jesus really rise from the dead?
  6. Was Jesus who he said he was?
So, join us as we seek to bring you the Word Up on The Word.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Campfire Film Foundation

Looking for creative films with a message. Have a look at

"Campfire provides schools access to an online library of high quality short films that help introduce difficult topics and spark discussions about meaningful issues. Curriculum themes include Aboriginal Perspectives, Media, Religion and Society." not only provides films to schools but encourages others to also provide their films and to make some money in the process.