Friday, 31 May 2013

Nooma on crazy special!

The Nooma series currently stacks up to 24 x 12 minute videos on a hugely varied array of Christian living topics.They're dynamite for getting engaged discussion going in classes or groups.

These videos feature Rob Bell talking about living as a follower of Jesus from angles of interest to high school kids and up to young adult.  The website says they "explore our world from a perspective of Jesus." They've been around for a while but have not dated.

So why bring them up now? 

For the next few days you can buy the whole series for only $20US.  The normal price is about five times that!  The page displayed shows a discount price of $45, but if you type the word "FLANNEL" into the 'coupon' box at the checkout you'll get a further $25 off to receive the whole series for only $20!  This offer lasts until the 4th of June, 2013.

You can then download the videos to your own location and use them whenever you want.  Study guide material is available for each episode free of charge.  Some episodes of the series are terrific and even those that veer towards the average are definitely useful.

Find them here for purchase and you can preview some too to see if they're up your particular alley.

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  1. I had a look at a few from the Nooma series and they are actually quite good and so downloaded the series. I have not viewed them all but the one on Trees (do our lives even matter) was very good. I like this fellow's style of presenting complex concepts through narration of a story and draws on scripture. The ones I have seen so far are pretty solid in their theological perspective, they do not tend to favour one pole of Christianity. They are very scripturally based and used well. I could imagine using these as discussion starters with a group of students who are interested in exploring Christianity as an 'inquirer' or as one who wants to understand and deepen their understanding of their faith. This is a great resource.