Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Easter Song

When I think of Easter music I enjoy, this song usually comes to mind. Although Keith Green didn't write this song himself, it really suits his keyboard-punching piano style and vocal heights.  This clip is suitable for a meditation on its own, but I've also seen it used for liturgical dance.  Enjoy and happy Easter! Alleluia!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Easter Worship Videos

There are innumerable video clips on-line that would be suitable for use in Easter worship.
Here are some of those videos and one place you might get them from.

yesHEis is a site dedicated to Christian videos and they have a range of Easter videos.

Doubting Easter explores the story through the eyes of Thomas and is told in a melancholic but beautiful way. The conclusion is also quite powerful.

God's Story: Easter, is a simple animated video that seeks to explain the meaning of Easter to children. 

I particularly like the following video which explores how the story of Jesus and of his death and resurrection might be shared through today's social media.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Prayer Services for Young People

I am always hesitant to buy books with ready made liturgies. Too often I felt they have lacked depth and creativity. 22 Ready-Made Services by Maryann M. Hakowski, however delivers on both these fronts. While it is still likely I would augment some of the services outlined in this book there is certainly some clever and innovative ideas. Even if you are looking for some different ways of engaging young people a quick flick through and you are likely to find something you like.

The book blurb online reads as follows:

"22 Ready-Made Prayer Services is a rich resource that invites both the novice and veteran youth minister to create and foster prayer experiences that challenge teens to find God in the world around them. Using symbols, stories, songs, and artistic expression, to name a few of the many prayer forms offered, 22 Ready-Made Prayer Services opens the hearts of teens to the unfathomable mystery of God's unconditional love."

"Each easy-to-use prayer service comes with a list of materials needed, what to prepare ahead of time, the order of prayer for leading the prayer service, and resources and handouts to photocopy for the readers and the participants. Extra prayer ideas are also included in each chapter to help spark the imagination of the teens. This rich resource offers a wealth of ideas to help design and integrate a multitude of prayer experiences into your youth ministry program."

There are a range of things I like about this book. It has some great litanies for young people, a good variety of themes and some fun and creative dramas and ways of praying together. Themes for the prayer services includes Discipleship, Peace and Justice, Relationships and tough times.

I am a big fan of making worship multi sensory and engaging as many types of intelligence as possible. By doing this more people can engage and participate. Almost all the services in this book have a variety of ways of letting young people pray and connect with God and each other. 22 Ready Made Prayer Services is well worth exploring.